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Since the beginning of 2020, Mwebaza Daniels, the director of Hope for Aids Orphans, has been very busy. He found a house that a friend of his had just built and we made a down payment. Through our incredible donors, the house was paid off by December 2020!!!! Wow! We would have never thought that could be possible, but God has led people to be incredibly generous.   But, we outgrew that house!!! Now, that house has been sold and another brand new house has been built! In April 2021, Daniel moved all his children into the newest new house!
God must be very happy with what Daniel has been doing for these incredible orphans he has taken in because miracle after miracle has happened.

Somehow, a lady in Wisconsin saw one of our Facebook posts and had a dream of building a school. She started a gofundme page and raised several thousand dollars. Then, someone else saw that and gave the entire difference that she was raising and donated the rest of the money. God did this!!!! God put all of us together. Of that, I have NO doubt!!!   After receiving the money to start building the school, Daniel and his brother Abel started on the school in 2020. Wait until you see what these two have done!!!!!!!

Now, all this has transpired since I first became friends with Daniel, one of the sweetest people I have ever known. When we first started working together, he had rented a 4 room apartment for him and the children. It was concrete floors, walls and ceilings. Quite pitiful, but it worked.   I don't know how he does it, but these are the happiest children I have ever seen. They are always clean and always smiling.

Please donate. Now, we have to continually buy school materials and whatever else is needed to run the school. Plus, we have to continue to feed, clothe and provide medical care for these beautiful children. Malaria is a big problem and has to be dealt with each year, sometimes requiring hospital stays. We are now trying to get vitamins and minerals to boost everyone's immune systems and that is expensive, too.   We now have one missionary that is teaching the children in the new school and this summer, 2021, one of the students that helped produce the fantastic YouTube video is going there to help teach!

Last, Daniel also has an outreach ministry into the neighboring villages. He helps the village people when they have severe medical needs such as one man needing an amputation for a very serious foot disease. He also does Bible studies and helps the elderly.   We are feeding people, taking care of orphans, taking care of medical needs and providing school for the village. So, we always have needs!

God bless all of you who have donated for the care of these children and also those close to us!!!!! Thank you more than we could possibly convey!!!