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Our orphanage

Because it is so expensive to mail items, we send funds so the Director can purchase what is needed locally. You may feel free to mail clothes, shoes and other items, but just be warned that it is incredibly expensive. We can help direct you if that is what you prefer to do.

The needs are never ending as with any family. We always need money for food, clothing, electricity, furnishings and any other thing you can imagine on a daily basis. We also grow our own crops and are continually planting to help feed our children and others in need. We always need money for cleaning supplies and other necessities.

Medical care
These children always need medical care, including Xrays. Malaria is an ongoing issue and we typically have to take children to the hospital or doctor at least 3 times per month. We have also helped people in the village.

100% of all donations go to: Rachel Alexander Ministries Global Alliance Jinja

This is the fence surrounding our property, both the school and orphanage. The government has mandated that we put a solid wall up. They have also mandated that we have new playground equipment, plus a host of other items.

Our school

We supply uniforms, one meal a day, learning materials, crayons, pencils, paper and salaries for the teachers. The school is free for those in our orphanage and also for the surrounding village children.


This is the first mattress this lady has ever had. She lives in the nearby village.